Akane Face Mask
Akane Face Mask

Wato Soap

Akane Face Mask

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Moisturizing Face Mask

Need moisture? This special face mask brings together some moisturizing and detox superstars. Kelp is packed with not only tons of moisturizing elements but also hundreds of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Burdock has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help lift impurities from the skin and regulate blood circulation to the dermis. Hemp charcoal and diatomaceous earth are super detoxifiers, cleansing old skin cells and generating new ones.

When used regularly, this mask can help with dry spots, brighten dullness, and improve overall tone. Can be used as a quick cleanser, spot treatment, or even hair mask. Simply add water or any desired liquid to a few teaspoons for a fresh, luxurious experience. Makes about 15 masks.

Ingredients: Manjistha (Madder Root) Powder, Kelp Powder*, Burdock Powder*, Hemp Charcoal*, Diatomaceous Earth*, Wild Orange* and Copaiba* Essential Oils.

*Organic Ingredients

4.0 oz

About Wato Soap: Our quest for Earth-friendly and natural living essentials began over twenty years ago, when our mother Noriko was searching for soap and detergent and could not find anything on the market that met her ideals. She taught herself how to make soap and studied traditional herbal and dyeing practices. She still helps her family understand the benefits of using not only natural ingredients but homemade dyes. With the launch of WATO, we are thrilled to share this journey with you. 

    • Using natural dyes feels good on our bodies, is gentle on our eyes, and celebrates the beauty of nature. We believe in building a sustainable future for all of us — what goes down the drain goes into the Earth, after all. When you hold a bar of WATO soap, you have Mother Earth in your hands.
    • At WATO, we create all of our products under the guiding principles of Japanese remedies, drawing on ancient knowledge of nourishment and healing through herbs and natural materials. We believe in the restorative power of these plants and their essences. We hope you feel the magic, too.
    • HANDMADE DYES: FROM THE LEAF, THE SEED, THE FLOWER: Whereas most soapmakers use factory-produced clays and dyes, we create our own colors from scratch and by hand from botanical ingredients. We have also developed beautiful and effective techniques to incorporate these plant matter dyes into our creations.