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Breathe Deep! Salve

Breathe Deep! salve

  • ingredients: hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), peppermint (Mentha spp.), olive oil, eucalyptus e.o. (Eucalyptus spp.), cypress e.o. (Cupressus spp.)

‘Tis the season - for coughs, colds, flus and muscle aches. Not to worry though, we’ve gone back in time and peered inside our childhood home’s medicine cabinet for a little herbal inspiration. This invigorating salve works wonders on the old bronchioles. Rub a little on your chest when you think you might be coming down with something not so nice. Alternatively, massage a little on those sore apple-picking triceps or rub into those creaky joints that are singing the change of season blues. A little goes a long way. Pair with flannel pajamas, a nice cup of herbal tea and your favorite old movie for maximum effect.

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