Doris Dot Tights - Salix Intimates
Doris Dot Tights - Salix Intimates
Doris Dot Tights - Salix Intimates
Doris Dot Tights - Salix Intimates

Swedish Stockings

Doris Dot Tights

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Flirty and feminine, Doris Dot Tights adds that something special to any outfit. 40 denier, semi-sheer knit, made with Nilit® ecocare recycled yarn with a comfortable waistband and reinforced toe.

    • Material: 89% recycled polyamide, 11% elastine.

Swedish Stockings is the only sustainable hosiery brand in the world, who's mission is to change and influence the entire industry by eliminating waste and being environmentally conscious. They combine sustainability, quality and great design, to produce a product of excellent caliber and durability. 

Every pair of Swedish Stockings is: 

    • Made from recycled materials or organic natural fibers
    • Knitted in 3D for an optimal fitting and texture
    • Knitted with flat seams
    • Knitted with a comfortable waistband
    • Produced in a solar powered factory
    • Produced from sustainable materials
    • Produced using water that is purified before it goes back in the ground
    • Produced in a zero waste factory. 

On top of all these benefits, every Salix Intimates customer is automatically enrolled in Swedish Stockings' recycling program! Bring any pair of your old, ripped stockings (FROM ANY BRAND) and we will return them to Swedish Stockings Headquarters, free of charge, who will in turn recycle your old hosiery into filler material in fibre glass tanks for oil and grease traps, in the commercial industry. These tanks are extremely hard wearing and last a long time, which is an amazing use of discarded pantyhose! Glamorous, no. Sustainable, yes! As long as they don’t end up in a landfill - Swedish Stockings, committed to cleaning up the whole industry.

Plus, your donation will earn you a gift from us at Salix Intimates, contact for more information!