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Herbal Smokes

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Type The Shift

Size 6-Pack

Enjoy these organic herbal blends as pre-rolled herbal cigarettes! No mess, no fuss, and ready to smoke.

6 or 12 Smokes per pack, biodegradable & reusable. Hand-crafted with organic flowers and herbs, rolled in hemp paper and chlorine-free cellulose filters. They do not contain tobacco, nicotine or any toxic substances.

    • The Shift: enhance intuition and creativity.
      • Organic Mullein, Damiana, Mugwart, Wild Lettuce + Blue Lotus
    • The Dream: lifts low spirits & calms restless minds.
      • Organic Mullein, Skullcap, Passionflower, Lemon Balm + Lavender
    • The Heart: sensual blend of heart-opening herbs.
      • Organic Mullein, Damiana, Raspberry Leaf, Hibiscus Linden + Rose
    • The Break: quit smoking tobacco.
      • Organic Mullein, Marshmallow Leaf, Coltsfoot, Yerba Santa + Calendula
    • The Balm: uplifting & soothing, calmness + emotional balance. 
      • Organic Mullein, Marshmallow Leaf,  Lemon Balm, Chamomile + Peppermint

How to use: 

- Place the filter end on your lips and light the other end of the Smoke.

- Draw the smoke into your mouth and savor it. Release it through the mouth.

- Try to calm the overthinking mind and listen to the plants and the medicine they have to offer. Contemplate the moment.

- includes a Love Note in each package to encourage you in the practice of setting intentions. You can say this intention quietly to yourself or speak it out loud