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Style 3-Piece

Imagine shaving with the Albatross razor, feeling the weight of the stainless steel in your hand, knowing that you are not only getting the closest, smoothest shave possible, but also helping prevent billions of plastic razors from being thrown out each year.  Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel from your smooth skin and guilt-free conscience.    

Shaving with our all-metal, double-edged safety razor is easy because the weight of the handle and guard do the cutting... you don't drag the razor across your skin like one does when using a plastic disposable or cartridge-style shaver.  This means fewer nicks and cuts, and far less irritation.  Shaving can be an enjoyable experience!

Key Highlights:

    • All-metal, stainless steel shaver - durable, attractive, and plastic free!
    • For every person and all their shaving needs
    • Includes 10 free high quality double-edged razor blades 
    • Replacement blades are just 30 cents each  
    • Comes with hemp Albatross razor and toiletry bag
    • Available in two styles: Butterfly [Twist the bottom to load blade] and 3-piece [Screw handle into blade holders to load blade]
    • Blade Take Back Program
    • ~3.5" in length