Sizing Charts

A note about Bra Fitting, a forward if you will: 

(warning, I'm about to rant about bra fitting, please hold on, I promise there's a point to all this).

First, a few things about the way we measure: Here at Salix Intimates, we consider ourselves precise and uncomplicated Bra Fitters. Meaning, we do not add inches to your band. As most people are aware, most bra wearers are wearing the wrong size bra! The main reason for that (amongst a bunch of other reasons, for one: CAPITALISM) is because big box stores are trying to get you to fit in the sizes THEY carry and in doing so will add to your band size (which in turn reduces your cup size) in order to get you to wear that 34B that never fits you right. Then when everyone is wearing those generically *wrong* sizes 32B-36DD, there suddenly isn't a "market" for other sizes.... The sad truth of it is that the longer we keep adding to our band sizes, the longer it's going to take for manufacturers to create those "hard to find" band sizes (like 28 and 30" bands) and/or larger cup sizes (like DD+).... EVEN THOUGH THESE SIZES EXIST MORE OFTEN THAN NOT. 

So, please stop adding to your band size. Bras should be fit to your body like armor, or a custom three-piece suit. It should fit, tailored to your body, no more no less. Please use the guide below to measure yourself, and then, knowing your TRUE size, go forth into the world knowing that most companies are currently not sizing to TRUE band sizes and all have their own way of sizing. Because of this, we have attached each companies individual size guide, but also have included our Cheat Sheet (in red) for those of us that don't fit exact to the sizes available. 

xo, Melissa